Wedding Ring Engraved Ideas to Consider

If you are looking for ways on how to make that special moment for you and your partner always remembered, you can start with considering having your wedding ring engraved with a special message for both of you. Here are a few wedding ring engraved ideas that you may want o look into.

Special Quotes

There is nothing more personal than being able to include those special quotes that you and your partner share. Well, those quotes may or may not be famous quotes but as long as you feel that these phrases connects to both of you, then you can definitely have them engraved on your wedding rings. However, since the wedding band only have limited space for you to have those quotes engraved in, it will be best to choose quotes that are less wordy.

Meaningful Dates

Since wedding rings have very limited space where you can engrave special words, quotes or symbols, dates are more often a common choice to be engraved on rings. Either if it is an engagement ring, wedding ring, a relationship band or whatever people may refer to these stunning jewelry pieces, you can definitely have your special dates engraved on these rings. You can choose from the various dates you would like to remember, either your wedding date, the date of your engagement or even the date when you first met. What is important is that whatever you have engraved on that ring is something meaningful for both of you.

Names, Initials or Symbols

Now, if you want things to be a little bit more intimate between you and your partner, you can choose to have your initials, the names that you call each other or even symbols that give meaning to your relationship. You can definitely agree on something that will make your wedding ring more special for both of you.

Having the Rings Engraved

After coming up with what you want to be engraved on your wedding rings, you can now request for it to be engraved on the rings through the jeweler where you will be ordering the rings from. They will be informing you if it is possible to engrave what you have in mind on the rings and how long they can get it done. Once you make an agreement with your jeweler, make sure that you double check the dates, symbols or correct spelling of what you want them to engrave on the rings.

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The Cost of Engraving Rings

It is essential that you verify with your jeweler on how much it will cost you to have your rings engraved so you have clear value of the wedding rings that you will be ordering from them. Once they have agreed that it is possible to get your rings engraved, get to know more about your options for this request. Ask on how much they may charge per character or if it will be engraved via a machine or will it by hands. These options may affect the cost for this additional request and may vary from one jeweler to another so it is best to clarify this with them before you even order those wedding rings.

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